Nov 26, 2007

Stop pop-ups with Stopzilla

If you aren't satisfied with the pop-up blocker that comes with your browser, maybe it's time to try STOPzilla. It's more than just a pop-up blocker. It also gives you real-time monitoring of spyware and can provide you with instant quarantine of suspected files. It's a pretty great deal at only 19.99 for a one year subscription which also gets you free customer support throughout the year. It might be the way to go if you are looking to consolidate some of those programs you already have that are detecting spyware for you! Check them out by clicking the link here for your new popup blocker!

Fun and decent payout!

I recently discovered and have been having quite a bit of fun over there. The concept is a simple one that keeps getting more and more readers daily. Simply write an article about how to do something... anything. The site has great wizards that talk you through the simple steps of writing an eHow article. Once you've added pictures (if you choose) and perfected the article, just submit it. Wondering "e"how you would make money? You get paid per page view. Write about something seasonal and your earnings can go way up! I wrote two Halloween articles and actually didn't even promote them. The profit? $15.43! Kinda nifty for doing nothing really. Payouts are monthly via PayPal and have been extremely reliable. What's more is that after only a few articles I keep getting asked to write more for higher payouts. They keep offering me $50 to write 10 articles. Check them out and see my profile by clicking below!

Oct 21, 2007

Portable DVD Player

Maybe you have been like me and noticed those folks in the airport or on the bus (or whatever means of public transportation you might happen apon) using those portable DVD players? If you haven't, let me fill you in! A portable DVD player is one that is self-contained and can be taken anywhere (like the airport or on the bus... get it?). I was sent this opportunity while I was actually on a trip through several airports and thought this might be a sign. I have been thinking about investing in one recently and this just might be the time. I was really interested to find out that DigitalFramez has a best seller in their portable 10 inch DVD player. Check it out and let me know if you guys think this is a good deal or if I should even attempt the portable DVD player. I am about to start traveling quite a bit and thought it would be nice to have when I get bored!

Oct 16, 2007

Got Cash? PayDay Loans could help you out!

Is that blog or website taking you longer to earn a living with than you thought? Boy mine sure is! I actually used a payday loan service recently to get a cash advance. It helped upgrade the computer I was using to make money! Great in a pinch but just be sure to pay them back ontime!

Oct 14, 2007

Everything you need to know about a business

When I first started this venture, I was simple and naive in my concept of what I wanted to do. Write a blog and make some money. Now admittedly, I am only in the infancy of this venture as the money offers are just starting to roll in. Two things that I have definately learned to think about in the beginning: your time committment and your business. Time commitment is something that you will have to decide on personally and I am currently seeking some advice from other blogs so I can give you some hints as to how much time each type of venture could take. In order to keep a healthy blog with decent readership, I am quickly learning that you need to set aside atleast half an hour each day just for posting articles and content.

The other aspect you need to consider up front is your long term goal. Is this something that you want to do for pocket change or is making money on the internet something that you want to do as a potential business. A site that I found recently can really help you out. offers free corporate forms to business and even has a service to help you fill these forms out for only $20 to $25. It's a good idea to visit this site and get some help deciding what forms, if any, you need to get yourself going as a sole propietor, partnership, or corporation. I have found that to help keep things seperated and track my earnings easier, it was beneficial to set myself up as the sole proprietor of my own business. It was quick and easy. If you need some help and would like to check out the free corportate forms that has to offer, visit them today. It's better to think ahead than be catching up (trust me, I know)!